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Birch Park Black Arabians
Dedicated to breeding the finest quality Arabian horses, with type,
conformation, beauty, personality and athletic ability

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Birch Park Black Arabians
With the arrival of April, we are looking forward to spring after a long snowy winter!

April 2017
Birch Park Black Arabians
53085 Riverview Dr.
La Pine, Oregon 97739


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Ferric BP
homozygous black Arabian stallion Ferric BP

a grandson of pfc Trevallon and Enzo

See the updated video of Ferric from April 2017!


HF Creed
2016 Homozygous black colt by Ferric BP

An incredible yearling black colt by Ferric BP out of La Diva Bella (to Ali Jamaal).
We are so excited about this amazing colt.
He is a colt to look out for.

HF Creed is now a member of the Birch Park Black Arabians family!
After seeing him with Joe Alberti in Scottsdale this year, we decided we had to have him.
Creed will remain with Joe Alberti to continue on with his show career.
Thank You Karin and Ken of Hawks Flight Partners and Joe Alberti for making this all happen for us.

HF Creed was Top Ten and 3rd in a strong class of yearling colts in Scottsdale!
HF Creed by Ferric BP

HF Creed by Ferric BP


Birch Park Black Arabians is excited to present
for your consideration a very special opportunity:

Dante BP
2016 Homozygous black colt by Ferric BP

Ferric's first foal was a beautiful black filly named Perris BP.  This year Ferric gave us
a full sibling to Perris, an incredible homozygous black colt pictured below.  Ferric once again
gave this foal his incredible face and large expressive eyes.  This colt is available for purchase.

Homozygous black colt  by Ferric BP
  Photo from January 30, 2017: shown here at 11 months old


Montenegro BP
2015 black colt by ROL Intencyty and out of our amazing black mare, Allana BP, by Triton BP (pfc Trevallon).
 Montenegro has an amazing typey face with an exceptional body.  Like his dam, Allana, he has amazing
movement that will captivate you.  We will be standing Montenegro BP to a few mares in 2017.
We are offering breedings to Montenegro BP for an introductory price of $1,000.

2015 Black colt by ROL Intencyty

Photo taken April 12, 2017
He is just two years old in this photo and still fuzzy from the long winter,
but he is maturing to be an amazing young stallion.

See his video here from July 20, 2016 at just 16 months of age.

Ferric BP

homozygous black Arabian stallion Ferric BP
Photo from 10-21-16


Dante BP

Ferric BP X Trevs Illusion (pfc Trevallon)
 2016 Homozygous Black Colt by Ferric BP

Dante BP by Ferric BP out of Trevs Illusion
Shown here in March 2016 at 1 month old.

He is everything we hoped for;
tall with an incredible neck and beautiful face.
Available for purchase!

MS Ferresia
Ferric BP X AZ Princess Imaana
2016 Homozygous black filly.
2016 homozygous black filly by Ferric BP
Photo by Karie at 16 days old.
This beautiful homozygous black filly by
Ferric BP was bred and is owned by our friends
and clients Karie and Rich of Washington. We
are excited that they bred this filly's
dam back to Ferric for 2017.
Notorious BP

2016 Homozygous Black Colt by
Magic Magnifique
shown here at 6 months old

Sold to Rich and Karie of
Meadow Starr Ranch in Washington
see his video from 9-16-16 here
Homozygous black colt by Magic Magnifique
photo taken 9-7-2016

Ferric BP

2010 Homozygous solid black stallion at stud
Ferrer (by Enzo) X Trevs Onyx
(by pfc Trevallon by Magnum Psyche)

Homozygous solid black Arabian stallion, Ferric BP
Ferric is an AHA Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated sire.  Photo taken 9-23-16

Ferric is beautiful, tall (15.3 hands)
and has an amazing topline...
Homozygous solid black stallion, Ferric BP
Photo taken 10-7-15

Ferric BP's first foal is a beautiful tall homozygous
 black filly out of Trevs Illusion.

The width between her large expressive eyes, her incredibly dishy face
and tiny teacup muzzle are everything we could have hoped for.

This photo was taken when Perris was just 6 months old! Confirmation unaltered.
She is pictured here in her full winter coat, but there is no hiding her beauty.
Perris BP, 2013 black filly by Ferric BP
Perris BP by Ferric BP, 2013 black filly.

See Central Oregon photos here!

Mt bachelor
A photo of Mt Bachelor and the Three Sisters Glaciers after the first snow of the
year in Dec. 2016 as seen from our pastures.

Twin Mule deer fawns
Twin mule deer fawns sharing the pasture with the mares.
photo by Kevin Mansfield

This beautiful mare is being offered for sale. 
Available for breeding to Ferric or to your own stallion. 
A great producer, an easy breeder and great mother.  SCID and CA clear.

Trevs Jazi delight by pfc Trevallon
Trevs Jazi Delight, 2005 grey mare by pfc Trevallon out of a granddaughter of Fadjur.
Jazi is a very special mare, with her incredibly beautiful face and loving personality.
She has been an excellent producer with Ferric BP.  Photo taken 10-24-2016.
See her video here: video link

Grey colt by Ferric BP
Jazi's 2016 grey colt by Ferric BP.  Shown here at 6 weeks old.  This colt has an amazing body and neck
and a great presence.  He has big soft eyes that will just draw you in.  He is available.

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Birch Park Black Arabians

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