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Birch Park Black Arabians
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Central Oregon Photos!

Mares inthe pasture at Birch Park Black Arabians
Some of the mares enjoing the pasture at Birch Park Arabians in July 2021

View of the Sisters mountains
A view of the Sisters mountains near the Birch Park Black Arabians ranch from 1-21-21

Spring 2020
Mt. Bachelor June 2020
Mt. Bachelor on June 1, 2020

Winter 2020
Mt Bachelor
Mt Bachelor, from our deck. March 2020.

Elk Sunriver
Elk roaming near our ranch. March 2020.

Winter 2018
Mt Bachelor from Dec 27, 2018
A view of Mt Bachelor from the north

Mt Bachelor from Dec 27, 2018
South Sister from Mt. Bachelor

Mt Bachelor from Dec 27, 2018
The view toward the Three Sisters from Mt. Bachelor

Mt Bachelor from Dec 27, 2018
A view from Mt. Bachelor

Bald Eagle Dec. 2017
Bald Eagle visiting the high desert of
Central Oregon for the winter. Dec. 2017

Mule deer amoung the Ponderosa pines of central Oregon
Mule Deer spend the winter in the
Ponderosa pine forests of Central Oregon.

The first snows of the upcoming winter on Mt. Bachelor as seen from our pasture, Nov. 2016.


Early Morning view of Mt. Bachelor on Nov. 29, 2016

Mt Bachelor
Mt Bachelor as seen from our pastures on July 10, 2016.

Birch Park Black Arabians barns
The barns at Birch Park Ranch in the winter of 2016-2017.

Homozygous solid black Arabina mare by pfc Trevallon
This is Trevs Onyx, dam of Ferric BP and Allana BP.  Onyx is a pfc Trevallon daughter
and she has been a major part of our breeding program.  This photo was taken in June 2014.

Crater Lake  June 2013
Crater Lake is one of the great sights in Oregon,
and only 90 minutes from Birch Park.
Kevin took these photos June 8, 2013.

Crater Lake June 2013

A view of Mt. Bachelor from Birch Park Black Arabians
This photo of Mt. Bachelor was taken 2-21-2014 after a week of consistent storms.
Once the clouds cleared, the mountain looked amazing!

These young bulls and cow elk herd up for the winter in our pastures.
young bull elk

photos taken 2-1-14

elk herd
Some of the many elk that herd up in our pastures for the winter.

Salt creek fall 2012
Salt Creek near Oakridge OR

Our Siberian husky, Calleigh
Each morning, Calleigh waits while I feed the mares in the pasture.

Calleigh enjoying the first snow of the 2012/2013 winter.

Waterfall on Hwy 58, 11-21-12
Waterfall feeding Salt Creek 11-21-12

Twin mule deer fawns
Twin Mule Deer Fawns, August 8, 2012;
and with Mom below
Mule Deer Doe and Twins

A Mallard Duck enjoying the water in the pasture, 2012.

A Mallard enjoying the pasture

La Pine, oregon
The spring of 2012 has been wet which means lots of green grass for the mares.

Waterfall seen along Hwy 58 on 2-24-2012
One of the many waterfalls along Hwy. 58 feeding into
Salt Creek as seen in February 2012.

Birch Park Barn

Birch Park Barn in snow
Above is the Birch Park barn as seen Feb. 25, 2012 after one of our
big snow storms, and hopefully our last for the year.

Calleigh, our Siberian Husky female
Calleigh enjoying the first big snow of 2010.

Mt Bachelor

Mt Bachelor is deep in snow in February 2010 as winter continues in Central Oregon.
Mt Bachelor provides world class skiing.  Each day it is exciting to wake and see the different
look of the mountain from our ranch after each storm passes.

Calleigh July 2009
"driving" the boat at Diamond Lake
Calleigh BP

Kevin and Calleigh at 9 months old
Kevin and Calleigh

Our new Siberian Husky puppy, Calleigh.
Calleigh at 3 months old.

Calleigh and Kevin
Calleigh and Kevin in Feb, 2009 at the John Day Fossil beds in Eastern Oregon.

Beautiful Bay mare by pfc Trevallon

Trevs Illusion, a beautiful Exotic headed daughter of Trevallon.

Black Arabian mare by pfc Trevallon in foal to Farrer for a 2010 black foal.

Trevs Onyx, a beautiful homozygous black mare by pfc Trevallon, the dam of our stallion Ferric BP.

A view of Diamond Peak, a shield volcano just south of La Pine on the Willamette pass.
Diamond Peak
Diamond Peak Wilderness straddles the Cascade Mountains. Diamond Peak was formed as the entire land mass of the Cascades was undergoing volcanic activity and uplift. Great glaciers carved the large volcanic peak and when they receded, the bulk of the mountain remained, with snowfields near the summit and dozens of small lakes surrounding the peak. The peak is 8,744 feet.
Mansfield photo 3-23-09.

Pastureshot june 2008
Spring has come to La Pine in June. The pastures are flooded by the Little Deschutes
which is unable to keep up with the huge snow melt.

Mares of Birch PArk Black Arabians summer 2006
BA Duet (bay), our foundation mare, and Jafars Jyselle (grey), a Fadjur granddaughter.
Duet is the dam of Ravvens Jafar, Excelleration BP and Bint Duet BP.  She is a Salon granddaughter.

Spring in La Pine

Deer 2007
Photo taken November 2007

Deer 2007 buck
Photo taken November 2007

Big mule deer buck

A big mule deer buck seen near the ranch in fall 2010 just as the rut was beginning.

big mule deer buck near La Pine
A second mule deer buck seen near the ranch in fall 2010.

Mt Bachelor Feb 2008
Photo taken 2-26-2008

View of Mt Bachelor